Why Young Beautiful Women Can Get You Killed and What You Can Do About It

Let me tell you a story… The year is 1790. You’re on the King’s ship, sailing across the Pacific.You and the crew pick up some topless Polynesian beauties and decide to take them back home.

The Captain is a bit of an idiot. In fact, he’s a tyrant, so you and half the crew rebel and kick him and his buddies of the ship and put them in life rafts. You take the ship and sail to a deserted island.

The island is beautiful. Lush green rainforest. Plenty of fruit, fish and water. A tropical paradise. Plus, you have topless beauties who love A Spot orgasms. They are so sexual that their culture has a particular cunnilingus technique called the Kivin Method. They soon introduce it to you. Life is sweet. Or is it?

The men outnumber the women and a few of the men have the best game so the beauties give them the most attention and ALL the sex. What about the other men? What do they do?

They brood and brood, until they get to the point that they feel a wrath. An intense rage. One of the “Alphas” makes a remark to one of the “Betas”. What happens? The Beta picks up a piece of driftwood. He walks up behind the Alpha, making sure he doesn’t make any noise. He raises the driftwood up high and smashes the Alpha’s skull into a bloody pulp.

This homicidal behaviour continues until there’s only one man left. Are you the last man standing? Do you have the skills to defend yourself? Let me introduce you to one of the most powerful self defence weapons on your body.

Why Young Beautiful Women Can Get You Killed & What You Can Do About It

In 1790, 9 mutineers from HMS Bounty, 6 Polynesian men and 13 Polynesian women landed on Pitcairn Island (an island in the Pacific, thousands of kilometres from anyone). They started their own colony and remained in isolation for 18 years. When they were discovered, there were 10 women and 1 man. What happened? 1 man committed suicide, 1 man died of natural causes and 12 men were MURDERED. Why? SEXUAL JEALOUSY.

Sex Is Not Sinful

The early church recognised that sexual competition and jealousy cause murder and that’s why they put so many restrictions on sex. There is nothing inherently sinful about sex; it’s all the murder and violence associated with it.

Men Kill Other Men For Women

Anthropologists romantically believed that tribal societies (throughout history) went to war over scarce resources. In the 1960s, when anthropologists looked at a tribe in Venezuela called the Yanomamo they found they went to war over women. Men who killed other men had more sexual partners than men who didn’t, independent of their status. Villages that were too small were raided for women; villages that were too big broke up over adultery. Other studies of tribal societies have shown the same patterns. We are all descended from tribal societies and we have the same genes and instincts.

Democracy Was Created So Every Man Has Access To Women

The right to life, liberty and property are cultural inventions used to prevent men from killing and stealing from each other while they compete to attract sexual partners. Democracy was created by the masses of lower status men to prevent the very few ultra-high status men (ie the King and his mates) from monopolising resources and young, beautiful women. This is the real reason for anti-monopoly and “anti-wealth” laws.

High Status Men Have Harems

In hunter-gatherer cultures, the men who are the best hunters, the most respected, the most charming and the most intelligent have the most sexual partners and have 2-3 times more children than the less attractive men. In pastoral cultures, the men with the biggest herds have the most sexual partners. In agricultural cultures, the men with the most land, wealth and military power have the most sexual partners. Before the middle ages, in high-population density urban cultures, the high status men had harems of hundreds of women producing hundreds of babies. One study of 106 societies found that small Kings had harems of 100 women, great Kings had harems of 1,000 women and Emperors had harems of 5,000 women. 6 Independent civilisations (China, India, Egypt, Babylon, Inca Peru, Aztec Mexico) where all ruled by arbitrary despots who had harems of 100s and sometimes 1,000s of women. All the women were young and beautiful and if any man tried anything with the Emperor’s concubines, then he was KILLED. The concubines had one purpose: make babies for the Emperor. We are all descended from Emperors and Kings because they had a monopoly on resources and young beautiful women. The lower status men didn’t have much opportunity to reproduce. However, over time, the number of lower status men grew and greatly outnumbered the ultra-high status men. They formed unions and political parties, took power, implemented democracy and the rule of law and made polygamy illegal. They also created other laws to prevent the concentration of wealth and power in any one group of men. Even today, high-status men in religious groups that practise polygamy drive out adolescent boys so they can have the young beautiful women to themselves.

School Makes You Un-Sexy & Poor

Have you noticed that mathematical & linguistic intelligences are emphasised in schools so that you can get a good job in a corporation? Visual (art), musical (music) & bodily intelligences (physical education, drama & dancing) are downplayed and sometimes cut from the curriculum. Who are the sexiest guys? Artists, musicians, sportsmen, actors and dancers. The guys who run the corporations want non-sexy workers to make them loads of money so they can monopolise the young beautiful women. The western education system comes from the Prussian education system and it has 1 purpose: to make lemmings – people who do as they’re told and believe that they need a government and employers to take care of them and make all the decisions. These people either become employees or soldiers and remain in debt for the rest of their lives. Some of these men unknowingly raise the children of high status men.

Democracy Could Come To An End

What’s more, the number of self-made millionaires continues to sky rocket. The current evolutionary models predict that these men will follow their natural instincts and accumulate harems of young, beautiful women. What if your sister or your daughter was in a harem? Democracy goes hand in hand with monogamy, whereas polygamy goes hand in hand with autocracy and corruption. Will you have the skills to survive in such a world?

Are You A Survivor?

Studies have also shown that women prefer muscular, athletic men who can take care of themselves around other men.

Sexual Jealousy Has Many Forms

Just about all male violence is the result of sexual jealousy. As you become more and more attractive to women, the number of men who will become sexually jealous of you will sky rocket. The expression of that sexual jealousy will range from aloofness, to passive-aggressiveness, to not being invited to parties, to male bartenders pretending they didn’t see you, to “hate gazes”, to “accidental” shoves, to malicious rumours, to insults, to assault, to attempted murder. NEVER underestimate the power of sexual jealousy. We are all descended from men who killed other men to get sexual access to women. These instincts are deep within us all. This is our dark side. Therefore, you MUST learn to defend yourself. Here’s how to do it:

Your Elbow Charge Stand in a boxing stance. If you’re right handed, then stand with your right foot at the back and your left foot at the front. Reverse if you’re left handed. Step Keeping your front foot still, step forward with your back foot. You are now in the opposite stance. Get back in your stance and step again but this time as fast as you can. Power push Now, find a solid wall. Stand in your stance. Step forward quickly and push into wall. Put your hands together with your left hand bend your right. Step and push so that if the wall wasn’t there, you would fall over. This is called the falling step and is what the most powerful boxers use to knock out their opponents. The power comes from the rapid step, not the arms. When you step, charge forward rapidly. With the foot that remains still, drive it into the ground to increase your power. Elbow charge Now add your elbow. Find a boxing bag. Get in your stance. Charge the bag with your elbow. Aim for heights where a person’s stomach, chest, throat, chin and nose would be. Compare the power of your elbow charge with your punch. The heavy bag won’t move much with a punch, but with an elbow charge it will fly backwards. You can also use the blade of your forearm so you have more area of contact. The elbow strike is LETHAL and that’s why it’s banned from just about every martial art competition, especially in the heavyweight division. If you’re reluctant to use your elbow charge in a self defence situation, then use the power push you learned when you pushed against the wall. Remember that the power comes from the rapid falling step, not your arms. You can also use your shoulder.

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